Meredith Popp heads our Language Link and Language Link Online U.S. Office, located in the heartland, at 2008 West Kellogg Avenue West Peoria, IL 61604. Toll free telephone 800.552.2051, worldwide 309.673.9220.

Kay Godfrey heads our Mexico Office, located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Azucena 100, Jardines de Reforma, 62269 Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Telephone (52)777.317.6971. Language Link was founded in 1988 by Kay, a graduate of the Latin American Institute of the University of Texas at Austin. She has had a wide background in Spanish education and recognizes the potential for Spanish online learning.  She sees Language Link Online as a perfect complement to the services which we have proudly offered for over 25 years.

Our team of online teachers is led by María Eugenia Cortés (Maru) of Cuernavaca, Mexico.  Maru handles many of the Skype classes herself, but she also very carefully trains those chosen for this very specific type of teaching.  She has the same high standards in her work as Language Link, and we have worked with her for over 20 years.  Maru is shown interacting with a local and our students while on a Language Link On The Road trip to Guatemala.


In addition to Language Link Online, who is Language Link?

WE ARE a professional company dedicated to Spanish language education through complete immersion Spanish language programs. By complete immersion we mean that you study Spanish in an actual school in a Spanish-speaking country from three to seven hours daily, and in most cases you live and dine with a local family. You're not just studying and speaking Spanish, you're living it! From the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, you are surrounded by the language.

WE ARE NOT a travel agency or an actual language school. However, we've partnered with outstanding Spanish language schools in Spain and Latin America, and we've sent thousands of participants to learn Spanish in exciting locations throughout the Spanish-speaking world - all for rewarding study adventures in excellent Spanish language schools.

Our mission? We are totally convinced that a complete immersion Spanish language program in-country is the very best and fastest way to learn Spanish. We complement this with our online learning program Language Link Online.  Because this is a concept we value, we offer it to as many people as possible through keeping the experience economical and personalized.  And did we say we're picky? Yes! We have very high academic and organizational standards in choosing schools which have a sincere concern for the welfare of each student. We have used these same high standards for our online program and teachers.

We feel very privileged to do this work.  It’s quite gratifying to know that we not only have an impeccable reputation for integrity within the world of Spanish education, but also to know that we significantly contribute to people’s lives in changing their world for the better.