The main objective of our on line live course is to improve your communication skills. We make sure that you learn to use the language as opposed to just "knowing" it.

The necessary time to learn a language is determined by a variety of factors, such as age, education level, previous experience with another language, personal motivation, the amount of time dedicated to studying and the student's commitment to practicing.

An additional consideration is that maintaining and improving a language is a continuous process.

How long will it take to learn Spanish? Every student is different!  Based on many years of experience, these are general guidelines of levels and time required to reach each level with our intensive online classes.

Beginner I  - 10 class hours

A complete beginner, within 10 hours, is able to communicate with simple structures in simple present, past and future tenses, manage basic vocabulary about everyday life and be able to ask simple questions.

Beginner II – 10 class hours

This level indicates better communication through the use of increased vocabulary, more detailed description and the ability to give and recognize orders, instructions and basic information.  At this point students are able to express themselves much more spontaneously, are capable of telling simple stories in the present tense, learn about additional tenses and expand vocabulary.

Intermediate I – 10 class hours

A mid beginner student is able to ask more complicated questions with greater confidence, expand the Spanish verb base, and can communicate in present and past tenses more precisely, as well as read and comment on simple articles.

Intermediate II – 10 class hours

Students use prepositions and other grammar points more exactly and are capable of expanded self-expression when writing ideas.  They better comprehend the previously studied verbal tenses, read and comment on magazine and newspaper articles in more depth, and speak about current world events (not just personal experience).

Intermediate III – 20 class hours

Students have the ability to discuss concrete themes with increased confidence and use different verbal tenses in more complex structures. At the same time, students may begin to interpret advertisements and films and understand songs. Students should see an improvement in written work due to their newly expanded vocabulary, coupled with an increase in auditory comprehension.

Advanced I – 20 class hours

Students have more security and confidence to maintain longer conversations without interruptions. Students have an increased capacity to read and understand literature, and are able to comprehend Spanish from native speakers with a wide variety of accents and dialects.

Advanced II – 20 class hours

Advanced level demonstrates an ability to maintain conversations with an ample range of subjects and react clearly in unexpected or complicated situations, using an extensive vocabulary without confusions or misunderstandings. In conversation, the student's ideas are clearly communicated and understood by native Spanish speakers.

Advanced III – 20 class hours

Students are able to speak confidently with more precision and fluency about ideas and current issues around the world, using all of the verbal tenses to near perfection. With better intonation and a larger vocabulary, students are capable of reading complex literature and begin to better understand television, radio, films, word games and most importantly, native humor.


To achieve and maintain the Superior level is a timeless goal!
A Superior student knows the subtleties of the language and can express him or herself like a native speaker with very sporadic errors that could remain unnoticed by native speakers. Reading comprehension, as well as understanding films, television programs and song lyrics in Spanish, becomes less and less difficult; and students have the ability to elaborate on complex written work based on abstract or concrete subjects, whether previously known or completely new to the student.