How much does this cost?

The arena of virtual Spanish learning is just beginning to blossom. All it takes is some internet research to find costs ranging from $10 to $80 per hour. It is not our goal to give you the cheapest program possible.

You can find that on your own, but do realize that the quality of your instruction will be comparable to what you have paid.

Our fees are an excellent value for the quality received. Very simply, you're paying for the best so that you're not wasting time and money in your goal to learn Spanish. For much less than the cost of a private teacher in New York, Toronto, or London, you can receive a private, live class from a qualified and outstanding instructor.

We require that you buy a block of classes, as we know this adds a measure of commitment on your part. You have great flexibility of scheduling to enable full use of classes.  See our fee chart and available packages.

Language Link has a reputation for quality programs, and we always provide excellence for the most reasonable price. We confidently deliver success!

Our classes are offered in 10, 20, 30 and 40 hour blocks. Renewable at any time.

Rates for Packages

Fees are in U.S. dollars. Includes all materials. Full sixty minute class blocks

PLUS One time enrollment fee of $50 (not deductible from cost of class blocks)

Regular classes

  • Classic 10 hour block: $250
  • Classic 20 hour block: $500
  • Classic 30 hour block: $750
  • Classic 40 hour block: $1000

Professional classes (specific needs)

  • Prof 10 hour block: $400
  • Prof 20 hour block: $800
  • Prof 30 hour block: $1200
  • Prof 40 hour block: $1600

Refund and Guarantee Policy

If for any reason you should decide not to continue with your Language Link Online program, you may receive a full refund on unused classes less a $20 processing fee.  Your package must be used within one calendar year.  After 12 months of inactivity your classes will be canceled.